S90 subwoofer

The Cambridge S90 subwoofer is the perfect match for the S30 and S70 speakers.

Finished in smooth Graphite with a matching front panel, the S90 sub looks every bit as contemporary as the rest of the S-range. Packing a long-throw 8" bass cone, the S90 may be discreet and compact, but it can certainly pack a punch when needed - right the way down to 40Hz.

The rigid cabinet is complemented by spiked feet, ensuring that the S90's bass doesn't stay or "overhang" a moment longer than it should do. Magnetic shielding makes it easy to place and safe from interfering with magnetically recorded data.

For a good looking subwoofer that's there when needed and discreet when not, the Cambridge Audio S90 is the ideal choice.

S90 subwoofer Features

Compact design
Magnetically shielded
Available in smooth Graphite
Easily removable grille
Spiked feet

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S90 oak
S90 black