DacMagic Digital to Analogue converter

HomeTheatre Review.com"The DacMagic is a widely acclaimed yet inexpensive way to bring out the best in your digital music."
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Home Theater Review, USA, December 2011

Stereoplay HighlightThe DacMagic scoops Stereoplay's Winners of the Readers' Choice award for 2011!
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Stereoplay Platz Highlights 2011, Germany, April 2011

German magazine, Audio, presents the DacMagic with a Golden Ear award!
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Audio Goldenes Ohr 2011, Germany, April 2011

"Aucun autre convertisseur n’offre une telle polyvalence pour un prix similaire. Et nous ne parlons pas seulement des entrées, car on trouve ici un choix de flitres qui permettent d’ajuster le son à la piѐce dans laquelle on se trouve, ainsi que des témoins lumineux qui indiquent le taux d’échantillonnage du signal entrant. Que demander de plus?"

"There isn't another DAC that offers the same features at a similar price. We're not just talking about the inputs, either: you also get a choice of phase filters to tailor the sound to your system and room, and there's even lights that indicate the sample rate of the incoming signal. Could you ask for more?"

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, France, June 2010

"There isn’t another DAC that offers the same features at a similar price."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, April 2010

"...invest in a product like the Cambridge Audio and you can maximise your music with not one but several audio sources. It'll feed your hi-fi a squeaky-clean signal and its super-powerful 24-bit DACs upconvert poor audio signals to boost quality... Terrific value..."

Stuff, Best for improving digital sound, May 2010

Financial Times "A brilliant box of tricks..."

Financial Times - How to spend it, April 2010

Read the full review here: www.howtospendit.com

"Although it's been around a lot longer than the other DACs featured here, the Cambridge Audio DacMagic still sounds great and offers a near-flawless technical performance. It is also well equipped with inputs and outputs and has an appearance that is a cut above the others. Selectable filters add some fine-tuning ability and all-round it remains a true sonic star."

Hi-Fi Choice, Digital-to-analogue converters - Ultimate Group Test, April 2010

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"Once you hear how good music can sound with this device, you’ll be spoiled."

Macworld, January 2010

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WHF Best Dac 2009 small"The result is a powerful, full-bodied yet subtle and driving presentation: one that caters for all types of music equally well."

Best digital-to-analogue convertor What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2009

HFCwinner2009"An astonishingly capable piece of kit that does all the right things, with out-of-class achievements in all tonal areas and with excellent detail. Not only does it present a very life-like version of musical events, it seems equally adept at reproducing all manner of music styles, yet maintains its composure in the face of very tricky textures and close-knit melodic lines. And at the price it's a steal."

Best digital-to-analogue convertor Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2009

"작년 한 해 동안 USB DA 컨버터 분야의 신데렐라로 떠오른 기기로 캠브리지 오디오의 DAC 매직을 꼽는 것에 이의를 제기할 사람은 거의 없을 것 같다... 다른 제품을 찾기 어려울 정도로 성능과 기능 모두가 잘 조화를 이룬 제품."

"No one can disagree that the Cambridge Audio DacMagic is the gest DA converter in 2009... functions and performances are well balanced."

Best digital audio system 2009, Audio Magazine, Korea January 2010

"The Cambridge offers and impressively grand soundstage - majestic even. Listening to this little box of tricks, you feel that you really should get dressed up for the occasion because that's what the DacMagic provides - a live gig magnificence... An innovative and flexible product, this is a svelte yet impressive sounding performer."

Hi-Fi World August 2009

Tone NZ"As a stand-alone hi-fi DAC with excellent sound quality and multiple inputs, it represents very good value for money. Computer geeks and audiophiles alike can rejoice in the fact that a bargain over-performer is available in the form of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic."

Tone, New Zealand August 2009

Read the full review here: www.tone.co.nz

"With the various digital inputs and filters achieving a maximum of efficiency at a minimum of cost, and the combination of delightful sound, the DacMagic seems to show a future of digital era."

"최소 비용으로 최대의 효율성을 이끌어 내는 다양한 디지털 입력 계통과 필터, 그리고 경쾌한 선율미와 산뜻한 색채 표현을 깔끔하게 통합하는 DAC 매직은 한 걸음 앞서서 디지털 시대의 미래를 보여주는 듯했다."

Audio, Korea July 2009

"Immediately I noticed - in comparison to the Squeezebox's DAC - an improved clarity in the detail. Instruments were more delineated, and therefore, more easily identifiable in their soundstage location...

Cambridge Audio has hit a home run with the DacMagic. It is a perfect upgrade for DACs in music streamers such as the Squeezebox, but it also is some stiff competition for various high end DACs in the market that are used with the digital output from CD transports. It has been rated very highly in several magazines, and Secrets certainly gives it a thumbs up as well."
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Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity June 2009

PCM logo"Cambridge Audio makes it clear that PC's and audio can work very well together. And that does us good. Hard disks can be filled with uncountable hours of music and film. Where it frequently needs improvement is the sound quality. That problem has now been solved by the DacMagic."

"Cambridge Audio maakt het overduidelijk dat pc’s en audio prima samengaan. Dat doet ons goed. Op een harde schijf kan je immers ontelbaar veel uren muziek en film kwijt en de meeste software is handig in het gebruik. Waar het vaak nog aan schort, is de geluidskwaliteit. Dat probleem heeft Cambridge Audio nu opgelost."

Personal Computer Magazine June 2009

HomeTheatre Review.com"Cambridge Audio's DacMagic may be tiny, but it packs a wallop. This unit provides a great deal of functionality with its multiple inputs and input formats. Sound quality is solid."

Home Theatre Review June 2009 Click here for full review

"In a word, it sounded glorious—far better than you have any right to expect for 400 bucks. Especially in Linear Phase, I heard well-defined bass, exquisitely extended highs, and a natural midrange. The soundstage was admirably wide, and soloists and their instruments were precisely positioned. What more do you want?"

Stereophile March 2009 Click here for full review

T3 Top 100 reviewDacMagic leapfrogs many of the world's greatest technology brands to win a coveted position in T3 Magazine's new Hot 100! To read the full Hot 100 feature just Click here

T3 April 2009

“DacMagic breathes new life into old CD players, and adds an extra dimension to PC-based music. A wide array of inputs and outputs adds to its appeal, with options such as hooking it up to a games console to play Guitar Hero, or connecting it to a wireless media client such as a Squeezebox or Sound-bridge!” Click here to read the full review

© Audio and Video March 2009

"Designed for the user who might want better audio from games or other sources as well as CD, the compact DacMagic delivers excellent sound, and will satisfy the more dedicated audiophile too. With a lucid, flowing sound, it could bring new life to many older CD players, even those well above its price class."

Hi-Fi News February 2009

"... the Cambridge does seem to tick more boxes than the others. It manages to sound simultaneously precise and lively, civilised and rhythmic and we reckon it deserves the standing it has rapidly earned itself as one of the bargains of the decade."

Hi-Fi Choice February 2009 - Winner of DAC group test

"USB로 연결하여 들어보고는 깜짝 놀랐다. 혹시나해서 가격표를 다시 보았을 정도...시청 이후로 점점 더 예쁘게 보였고 어쩔 수 없이 지갑을 열었다는 것을 고백한다."

"After connecting DacMagic via USB, I was amazed with the sound and had to check the price tag again...I liked it more and more and have to confess I couldn't help reaching for my wallet!"

Audio magazine March 2009

"사실 DAC 매직의 우수성을 확인하는 데 시간이 오래 걸리지 않았다... 글로 쉽게 표현되지 않는 부분들을 대신 '음을 듣는 순간 깜짝 놀랐다'라고 표현하고 싶다."

"It did not take a long time to confirm its incredible quality..."

Audio magazine, Korea February 2009

HET"The DacMagic is a real miraclebox."

HET, Netherlands February 2009

"Here is a DAC that can be used all over the home in a number of applications and has much to offer in terms of filters and all at an amazing price. Only one company can do this - Cambridge Audio."

Music Emotion, Netherlands January 2009

"... there is no doubt this DAC offers major league performance at a minor league price."

Computer Audiophile (USA) 23-12-08

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PC Advisor "The DacMagic seems to revel in bringing out the best in digital stereo sound, whether MP3 or lossless music on a computer, or digital sound from TV and DVD. As remarkable as the performance is the DacMagic’s price... (a) superb investment for studio quality audio reproduction."

PC Advisor 23-11-08

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"No importa que tu de CD o DVD se haya quedado obsoleto siempre y cuando cuente con una salida digital, pues 'enganchando' un DacMagic será como tener un reproductor de última generación."

"It does not matter that your CD or DVD player has remained obsolete as long as it has a digital output, because hooking up a DacMagic will be like having the latest generation reproduction."

OnOff (Spain) (No 196)

"... the combination of keen price and easy connectivity to computer audio and gaming products adds a new dimension, turning gamers and iTunes users into proto-audiophiles, in a matter of seconds. Say 'hello' to the hi-fi wow factor, 21st Century style."

Hi-Fi Plus Issue 62

CES 09 100px "DacMagic digital to analogue converter uses upsampling technology to improve ageing CD/DVD players, upgrade Media PCs and network players and even brings games consoles to life through improved immersive effects."

CES 2009 Innovations Honoree

"... an excellent tonic for older budget or mid-priced (CD) players, and a great upgrade for modern budget computer/AV set-ups."

Hi-Fi World December 2008

WHF 08 DacMagic 100px"... the greatest all-rounder we've seen, combining excellent timing with lovely fluidity."

Best DAC in Digital Media Players & Accessories

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2008

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"The DAC is back! With its advanced upsampling technology, this box of tricks from Cambridge sounds great..."

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2008

Winner of Gold award & Product of the Year 2008
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"The performance of the DacMagic is so good it's almost embarrassing. Not only does it sound great, it locks to incoming signals almost instantly and takes up very little space. Balanced output too - what more could one want?"

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2008

"... a powerful, full-bodied yet subtle and driving presentation; one that caters for all types of music equally well... this Cambridge Audio DAC is the best of the bunch."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision November 2008

Important DacMagic safety notice

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DacMagic scoops Stereoplay's Readers' Choice award!

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Stereoplay Platz Highlights 2011, Germany, April 2011

DacMagic wins a Golden Ear award!

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Audio Goldenes Ohr 2011, Germany, April 2011

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T3 Top 100

T3 Top 100
It’s official, DacMagic is one of the world’s hottest products!

Best digital-to-analogue convertor

WHF Best Dac 09

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